Air Force HPSP

HPSP is a unique scholarship with unique requirements. Sometimes it can be challenging to meet these requirements while managing a busy medical school schedule. Below are some FAQs answered by HPSP students at HMS.


What types of Air Force scholarships are offered for dental students?

The Air Force has four, three, and two-year scholarships. If you receive a two-year scholarship, you will owe three years of service, while the other scholarships are year for year.

How does choosing a specialty work for dental students with an Air Force HPSP scholarship?

The Air Force wants their dentists to go through their one-year AEGD if you do not go to a specialty residency. The specialties offered that people can usually get directly out of dental school are the Perio, Prosth, and OMFS residencies. You can apply for other specialties and civilian residencies, and the Air Force will look at these applications on a case by case basis.

What if I don’t have time for the “Airmanship” military rotation with all of my medical school requirements?

The required Airmanship can be postponed each year if the Pathways or HST curriculum does not allow. It is okay if this rotation cannot be completed within the four years of medical school.

If you are an HPSP student and have a question not answered by this page, please contact the Civ-Mil Collaborative leadership to connect you with an HPSP student who may be able to help.

If you are an HPSP student and have advice for your fellow students, please submit it to the Civ-Mil Collaborative leadership and it will be added to the page. 


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