Welcome to the HMS Civilian-Military Collaborative

The HMS Civilian-Military Collaborative is a network of health professionals founded within the Harvard medical system, seeking opportunities to bring doctors and students together in the intersecting domains of the civilian and military medical sectors.


The HMS Civilian-Military Collaborative creates a network of engaged professionals seeking to develop, support, and mobilize expertise in the overlapping and transferable domains of the civilian and military medical sectors, including Trauma Care, Operations Management, Humanitarian and Disaster Response, and Leader Development

Key Tasks

-Improve medical education and healthcare operations using military lessons learned

-Improve military medicine through open collaboration with HMS students, faculty and system resources

-Leverage the network to identify guest speakers for civilian-military topics influencing medicine


End State

The Harvard-affiliated hospital systems, including students, faculty, and patients, benefit from military lessons learned; the local community has greater opportunity to connect with their military; HMS is a leader and center of gravity for civilian-military translational expertise.



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